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Supporting families of neurodivergent children to feel calm, connected and contented (2).p

Supporting families of neurodivergent children
to feel calm, connected and contented

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Our Ethos

At Magic Minds, we do not set out to cure or remove the traits of neurodivergent conditions, such as autism and ADHD. We understand that such conditions are a neurological type; the way a person's brain is intrinsically wired.

A neurotypical person (a person who is not autistic/ADHD...) might find a thinking process comes quickly and innately to them whereas a neurodivergent person, because of their different wiring, has to find a different way of thinking and processing things.

So, in a society which is set up for neurotypical people, and a society which is predominantly "ableist", where a "one size fits all" approach pervades, hypnotherapy can help neurodivergent people to strengthen their existing thought processes and help them to take their place in the world in their own authentic way.

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Amy Dalwood-Fairbanks

BA Hons, PGCE, Dip.HE, RTTP, Dip.Hyp

Being a mother of two autistic children and having spent fifteen years working in education, childcare and youth work (eight years of which were as a Primary School teacher), I have witnessed the change in pace of life and the increase in awareness and diagnoses of neurodivergent conditions. Yet, the world is not adequately accepting and accommodating of neurodivergent people.

Growing up in today's world is tough for any child, but add to that the challenges of being neurodivergent, then a child can get lost in the labyrinth of societal expectations, misunderstandings and generalisations.

Magic Minds is here to help you navigate through the storms of life, and celebrate your child's uniqueness, creating a more calm, connected and contented family.

Amy Dalwood-Fairbanks
Supporting families of neurodivergent children to feel calm, connected and contented (3).p
Aspire Believe Conquer

Let's embark upon the three-stage Magic Minds journey together, to a calm, connected and contented family.

Aspire - Members of the family come together for a Family Forum, to discuss the hopes and dreams of the whole family and where you want to get to. We look at the various components of family life to see what is working well and what could work better. We prioritise which components need to/could do/would be nice to be better and those areas are taken on to the next stage.

Believe - Through therapeutic and coaching/mentoring modalities, each member of the family can work with Magic Minds to upgrade to more positive ways of thinking, from "I can't" to "I can". It is only when you believe we can do something that you can actually take steps to overcome what is holding you back and improve things in your family.

Conquer - The last stage is a Family Review where members of the family come back together to share and celebrate the progress you have made with new ways of thinking, strategies you have put in place and tools you are using that have enabled you to become a more calm, connected and contented family.

What We Offer

Family Portrait


This 60-minute session is an open conversation for all members of the family to uncover the impact of your child's neurodivergence on your family's dynamic and your hopes and dreams for the future. You will come away with a 3-point action plan to put in place to move your family forward, as well as learning a hypnotherapy tool that you can use whenever you need to take some time out to calm down and reset. We will discuss the best course of action for you all to feel calm, connected and contented as a family.

Family Forum


Support for neurodivergent children


These sessions enable children to explore their strengths and challenges, and build up the confidence to be themselves in the world. We help children to develop coping strategies and give them the tools, to overcome any emotional challenges they might be experiencing, both now and in the future. Your child will also have a bespoke hypnotherapy audio to listen to between sessions, to consolidate what we do in sessions, to conquer the issues they are experiencing.

Magic Children


£549 following a Family Forum

support for parents of neurodivergent children


Alongside the Magic Children sessions,

Magic Minds offers parents and carers a space in which to explore how they are feeling and coping with the needs of their neurodivergent child/ren. Together, we will explore your perceptions and expectations of parenting your neurodivergent child/ren, coping strategies, stress reduction and parenting practices, to help you to create a calm, connected and contented family atmosphere for everyone.


Magic Parents


Magic Families

(Magic Parents + Magic Children)


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